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Helpful Tips for Selling a Historical Home to the Right Buyer

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Although the basic principles of selling stay the same, did you know there are several key differences between selling a historic home and a conventional one?

The same end goal applies – to sell the home for the best price in the shortest amount of time possible.

But, selling a historic home calls for a more focused strategy and a higher attention to detail than a standard listing.

If you’re planning to sell your historic home, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as you navigate the different steps of the selling process.

Keep Your Home’s Unique Charm Intact

Historic homes typically have a higher degree of wear and tear. To keep it updated, renovations may be necessary.

The goal is to create a balanced mix of vintage charm and modern functionality. When making changes, make sure to keep the home’s original features and details in mind. Remember to approach basic repairs with caution and avoid replacing original elements that could alter the home’s look and feel and impact its historic value.

For major renovations, search for contractors who have experience working with historic homes. Ask your real estate agent if they can provide referrals.

Try to Collect Interesting Facts About the Property

Before listing your historic home, try to gather information on its history. Be sure to note down interesting facts like when the home was built, construction techniques used, one-of-a-kind features, and past owners. These details may allow you to create a compelling backstory that can make your house stand out against other homes, enticing more buyers.

Market the Home in Non-Traditional Channels

It goes without saying that your home’s history is one of its biggest selling points. That’s why it could be beneficial to market it in unconventional spots like your local historical society or websites and social media pages that cater to historic properties. Make sure to include interesting facts along with a brief paragraph about your home’s story in the description.

Prepare to Answer a Lot of Questions

Historic homes for sale attract a different type of home buyer, often experienced real estate investors or history buffs keen on preserving the original features of the home. As the seller, you’ll need to be ready to answer various questions from prospective buyers.

Be Ready for Repair Requests

Offers on older properties often come with a list of repairs requested by the buyer before closing. Evaluate which requests are negotiable and which ones are actually reasonable.

This is why getting a seller’s inspection before you list the home is a smart move. The inspection will shed light on potential issues ahead of time, helping you identify necessary repairs. It’s especially important for historic homes that could be facing code violations.

Planning to sell your historic home? Navigate the Decatur real estate market with ease by working with the best real estate experts in the area. Please feel free to get in touch with Chad or Christina today. You can call/text us at 404.944.6577 (Chad) or 404.932.7388 (Christina), or send us a message here.

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